The best tech and products for interactive broadcasting
Reliable. Scalable. Fast working.

Our techlonogy

We provide reliable infrastructure
and incredible frontend tech
Always working
We support broadcasts with up to 1mln live viewers without any delay or malfunctions.
Our UI technology has pixel perfect adaptive scaling on any device, OS or browser.
Happy viewers
Even with animations and high speed interactivity, our UI works smoothly, without loading viewers' CPUs.
What do we do?
We work with game developers, broadcasting studios, streamers, sports franchises and others.
in-video interfaces
— Twitch extensions
— Mixer extensions
— Browser extensions
— Your site/platform

If your goal is to monetize viewers, we can work both through revenue share and/or development and support models.
Integrations in
live data feed
Whether it's digital game or sports data, our tech collects, analyses and delivers it to viewers.
We provide post-development support, including maintenance updates and analytic reports.
Our partners
They trust our tech and product expertise.
Interested in working with us?
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