Dota 2 Esports solution
Leading viewers engagement tool on Esports market in 2019
12 mln viewers in 2019
Kouch for Dota2 was the first and
remains one of the best products on Twitch.
Reliable data
Our data for Dota 2 games is the most complete in the industry. Delivery time to production is less than 1 second.
51% engagement rate
Viewers love the product, which helps to increase Hours Watched and monetize the audience.
Dota2 streamers solution
Dota2 for streamers updates Dota2 for esports, making Kouch product line for Dota2 complete.
Approved by Twitch
Kouch solutions are recommended by Twitch for Dota2 broadcasts.
Innovative engagement
New engagement formats allow the viewers to affect what's happening.
1-step integration
Full integration into a broadcast takes less than 30 seconds.
Interactive HUD for Formula 1
Kouch built integration with Formula 1 Data feed and developed a product for Formula 1 broadcasts on twitch. We also designed and developed live engagement features.
Kouch for Voting
Developed as a universal tool, Kouch Voting is used on various types of products, from esports tournaments to online streaming shows.
Broadcaster can monetize Kouch Voting either through sponsorship integrations or by selling features to viewers.
34% active engagement rate
More than 1/3 of viewers actively engage in voting.
Product can work in many different ways, depending on broadcaster's needs.
What stays constant is fast beautiful UI and high engagement.
Pre-build adaptable backend tech protects voting from cheating.
More to come....
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